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Roof Repair Checklist
Published:23 April 2015
To repair or not to repair?

By keeping a close eye on your roof and checking it twice a year (after winter, after summer) you can prevent costly future repairs or a new roof, earlier than anticipated. Make a habit of doing the small checklists, to prolong the future big checklists.

On the ground:

Do you see any missing shingles?

Do you see any shingles that are “cupping,” rolling up at the end?

Are your shingles balding? You will begin to notice the granules from your roof in your gutter, and on the ground by your foundation.

Inside your home:

Check all our ceilings, especially corners. Do you see any stains, discoloration, or bulges?

If you can access your attic, this is where you will see immediate damage. Look for stained (or wet) plywood, and matted down insulation.

On the roof: Be extremely careful is you choose this option.

What to look for:

  • weak spots
  • missing shingles on field
  • any bulging nails
  • missing shingles on ridge
  • rusting on chimney cap cover, or roof vent

DIY-Temporary fixes for roof repair:

The quick and easy fix would be to tack tarping down on the problem area. Make sure area is completely covered and your tarp is held down properly.

Temporary patching solutions

  • Use extra shingles, or even damaged shingles to cover small leaking area
  • Use Ice & Dam weathershield stripping (available at your local hardware store)
  • Use underlayment (plywood) with diamond deck.

* Please keep in mind DIY roof repairs are temporary. Please make sure to have a professionals out to look, and decide how to properly repair your damage.*

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